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  • Exclusive skirt suit Penelope
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  • Original women's suit sewn in Poland with a long skirt. Perfect for a party
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  • Slimming visiting set perfect for work
  • Sensual set of short jacket with maxi skirt
  • Black female outfits for the office. Fashion designer Władysława Frączek
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  • Women's suit  with a long skirt for an evening party
Exclusive skirt suit Penelope
The Christian IX Collection

Exclusive skirt suit Penelope

3 050.00 zł

Exclusive skirt suit Penelope

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Penelope is a very feminine set that emphasizes sexiness. The Penelope Short Blazer has a slim fit and fits snugly. A well-thought-out, simple cut of the set perfectly lengthens the silhouette, adding to its attractiveness. The jacket is constructed in such a way that a slightly stiffened line is placed over the hips, and the raised skirt is softly carried closer to the body, which changes the proportions of the figure. The whole thing is made of a very elegant viscose fabric that drapes beautifully. The design of the black set is complemented by jewelry buttons. Elements set into the silver frame of the buttons, such as rhinestones, pearls, and polished crystals add a delicate shine and can be easily supplemented with your favorite earrings or a pendant. The Penelopa jacket with 3/4 sleeves and a round neckline without a collar or stand-up collar is light and very comfortable to wear. Depending on whether it is worn with trousers or a skirt, it is an ideal basis for creating formal and formal styling. For the Penelopa jacket in the formal version, we offer a stylish Viana skirt and black high-heeled shoes. Both parts of the set are timeless. The Penelopa jacket and the Viana skirt can be classified as a minimalist capsule wardrobe. This exclusive jacket with a feminine cut also looks good with trousers made of the same material from the De Marco collection as in the Penelope II set. To create a professional work setting for business meetings, we also offer elegant classic Klaudyna pants or widened Logan pants. With a long Viana skirt with a slit, you can create more than just an evening outfit. See how the Viana skirt looks with the asymmetrical Sydney jacket in a business style. The Penelope suit is a proposal for modern women who are not afraid to introduce stylized elements into their everyday image.

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