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  • Exclusive elegant women's jumpsuit with a carmen-style collar. De Marco online store
  • Romantic beige summer women's trouser suit with Spanish neckline. Made to measure De Marco
  • The most fashionable beige ladies' formal suit from the Polish designer Władysława Frączek
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  • A comfortable and elegant formal suit in Spanish style, sewn in Poland. Beige women's formal jumpsuit from the favorite designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland - Władysława Frączek
  • Romantic beige summer jumpsuit perfect for a wedding. De Marco online store Sewing made to measure De Marco
  • Original beige trouser suit for women. Fashionable summer overalls from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
  • A unique asymmetrical women's jumpsuit from the renowned Polish clothing brand De Marco
  • Light summer formal jumpsuit perfect for a wedding anniversary garden party. De Marco online store
  • Formal women's overalls sewn in Poland from a Polish designer. The most fashionable beige stylizations for a wedding
  • Elegant beige women's formal jumpsuit. Luxurious styling for a wedding, garden party, corporate party
  • Exclusive beige women's overalls from the renowned Polish clothing company De Marco
  • Airy elegant beige wedding styling. Women's beige jumpsuit with carmen neckline
  • Original jumpsuit for special occasions from the designer. De Marco online store tailor-made sewing
Exclusive elegant women's jumpsuit with a carmen-style collar. De Marco online store
Jasmine Collection

Edna V beige jumpsuit

1 990.00 zł

Exclusive women's formal overalls from a Polish designer. Fashionable beige formal jumpsuit perfect for a wedding

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Captivating with its lightness and effortless elegance, a beautiful ladies' formal suit in a pantsuit style. Edna V is a dress jumpsuit made in Poland, made of high-quality viscose chiffon, which is distinguished by a subdued, neutral shade of beige and a cut that perfectly emphasizes feminine shapes. The Edna V model line shapes the body, bringing it closer to the generally regarded perfect figure - the hourglass shape. The basis of the suit's design is beautifully emphasized and exposed with a wrinkled welt - the waist. The Spanish-style neckline subtly uncovers the shoulders while emphasizing them. The culmination of Edna V is the widened legs with an asymmetric cut inwards - they provide comfort and a stylish emphasis on the lower body, with the possibility of covering fuller thighs and hips. The beige Edna V jumpsuit is a perfect proposition for a wedding party, anniversary, romantic date, garden party, or outdoor cultural event. It will work wherever we care about comfort and an elegant, feminine appearance.
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