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  • Classic plain women's suit from Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
  • A women's suit set with a zipper sewn in Poland. Fashionable plain women's business suits from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
  • A modern, feminine formal suit in navy blue. Tailor made by De Marco
  • Professional Fashion Diplomatic Business Formal Suits. Tailor made by De Marco
  • Fashionable navy blue women's trouser suit for office work for the exhibition premiere opening family celebration. Tailor made by designer De Marco
  • An exclusive navy blue formal women's suit from the Polish designer of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland - Władysława Frączek. De Marco online store
  • Luxurious navy blue formal suit from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
  • Fashionable suit set in navy blue for celebrations and events. De Marco online store
  • A plain uniform women's formal suit with a stylish application sewn in Poland. De Marco online store
  • Modern stylish navy suit with trousers perfect for conferences, exhibitions, premieres, speeches, business dinners. De Marco online store
  • Navy suit with slit trousers. Women's formal occasional suits. De Marco online store
  • Women's navy blue suit sewn in Poland. Fashionable minimalist formal suits from Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
  • Fashionable navy blue formal styling with trousers from the Polish manufacturer De Marco
Classic plain women's suit from Polish designer Władysława Frączek De Marco
The Christian IX Collection

Dahlia women's suit

4 570.00 zł

Fashionable stylish women's suit with trousers for a Successful Woman

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A beautiful, plain women's navy blue suit with a hand-sewn application on the shoulder. Dalia is a suit set distinguished by simplicity and minimalism, which will be perfect for important family celebrations, conferences, parties, speeches or business dinners. It attracts attention with its harmony and calmness, characterizing both the refined cut of the pantsuit and the well-thought-out color scheme.
The Dalia women's suit is a timeless and extremely versatile creation. The use of a smooth, uniform material - a viscose blend refined with lycra, in a deep navy blue color, makes this styling suitable for a variety of professional and family events. A modern jacket, fastened with a discreet zipper, improves the proportions of the figure and nicely highlights the most feminine parts of the body (hip line, waistline, bust). To support the authority and professional image - the shoulder line was also clearly emphasized, referring to the elegance and prestige of the men's jacket. The round neckline improves the shape of the face, especially for ladies with strong, quite expressive features - such as triangular or square faces. Colors - a mature shade of navy blue, it is considered the color of the most elegance in formal and formal stylizations, and it can definitely be considered a shade that suits most women, both with cool and warm types of beauty.
The simplicity and chic of the Dalia women's jacket are complemented by business/formal trousers in the same color as the top of the set. Smooth women's pants are equipped with a high waist for a better fit to the figure, and at the same time a good appearance on the figure, even in the case of extra kilos around the stomach. Convenient pockets provide functionality. Straight legs additionally have fashionable and modern slits up to the height of the knee. This allows you to present shapely ankles, and at the same time footwear tailored to the nature of the event - high heels or elegant pumps. Such an artistic cut will perfectly work on the optical alignment of proportions in silhouettes in which the dominant area of ​​the figure are more massive thighs or buttocks.

For lovers of captivating simplicity in formal stylizations, we also recommend, for example, a wonderful women's set with a Lorina skirt.

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