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Beautiful, elegant formal dress in shades of pink. Polish producer De Marco
The Royal Collection

Abigail Exclusive dress with natural silk

3 590.00 zł
2 990.00 zł

Luxurious occasion dress with natural silk. Romantic, tailor-made wedding outfits for mother and mother-in-law

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The name of the luxurious formal dress "Abigail" not only refers to a biblical figure of great wisdom and strong character, but also reminds us of the beauty and uniqueness of every woman. Like the biblical Abigail, our dress exudes a unique energy and elegance that makes every woman wearing it feel confident and beautiful.

The romantic and elegant Abigail formal dress is a real gem of women's special occasion fashion. It captivates with its subtle feminine glow, simplicity and unprecedented elegance. A perfect outfit for the most important family events - such as a wedding anniversary, a birthday, a child's wedding or a First Communion. It will also be perfect for cultural and professional events of the highest rank - inaugurations, anniversary celebrations, banquets and premieres. Abigail is a formal outfit especially dedicated to the Wedding Mother.
The luxurious Abigail occasional dress is a proposition in shades of delicate, light pink with decorative elements made of zircons. The fitted, beautifully figure-hugging pencil dress not only perfectly highlights women's curves, but is also a style considered one of the most elegant in women's fashion. The simplicity and minimalism of the cut gives the styling a dignified and prestigious character. This effect is certainly emphasized by a sleeve designed with artistic passion in the form of a light scarf made of natural silk. Its asymmetric cut gives the figure dynamics, and the temptingly exposed wrists give it lightness. The beauty of the waist is accentuated not only by the refined cut, but also by the delightful decorative zirconia belt, also present in the neckline.
The subtle and refined glow of cubic zirconia looks beautiful in photos - gently reflecting the light. This gives the Abigail cocktail dress a luxurious, glamorous effect. What also draws attention in Abigail's exclusive wedding styling is its unique, charming asymmetrical neckline with a sequin finish. Asymmetry breaks the structured line of the dress, adding flair and originality to it.
De Marco Abigail dresses with natural silk are made in Poland, using a high-quality viscose mixture refined with Lycra and silk muslin. Thanks to this, the styling looks great on the figure, hugging it softly. It is airy, wicks away moisture well and does not tend to deform. Light pink fabric is one of the most fashionable proposals for the spring and summer period and for the most important celebrations - especially wedding receptions. Subtle pink will beautifully highlight the complexion, add radiance and provide a rejuvenating effect.
The luxurious De Marco Abigail silk formal dress is a perfect choice for women of all ages. It looks great on 30- and 40-year-olds, as well as women 50+ or 60+. It is also a unique proposition for the wedding mother.

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