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Are you looking for elegant women’s wear? Maybe you need to find some pretty and  made to measure ladies' suit? If so, you are in the right place! De Marco online shop - www.sklep.demarco.pl/en - offers perfectly designed dresses, coats, blazers and full sets in regular sizes or as women’s bespoke tailoring service. We are aware that the clothing market worldwide offers a wide range of women's clothing, which is perfect both on a daily basis and during important occasions such as a wedding, business meeting or family celebration. Nevertheless, with us you will have the opportunity to order an outfit tailored exclusively for you, in addition, distinguished by the highest quality. 

Express yourself wearing extremely elegant women’s clothing from a Polish fashion designer

If you are looking for a brand that will help you to express yourself, but you cannot find anything  that will suit you in a regular high street fashion shop, De Marco is a fashion company that will help you. We design exclusively for ladies who want to refine their style, achieve a sense of elegance and comfort without losing their natural self-esteem. Challenges of everyday life can be overcome with less hassle when you feel good with yourself and assured. It can be achieved with fashion concepts that imply balanced elements such as shape, material and colour. These elements are used succesfully by the De Marco brand owner Władysława Frączek who is an experienced tailor and stylist. She uses her talents to create unique styles and adjust them for different events and to different seasons and environments.

Exclusive women’s wear that meets your expectations

Very important ceremonies such as a wedding, business meeting or family gathering require exceptional and sometimes stylized outfits. De Marco brand offers luxurious designs to meet expectations of our exclusive customers. In our atelier you can book a one to one meeting with a very talented fashion designer and tailor Władysława Frączek. Here you will have the opportunity to express your needs, carry the ideas through the process and have an input into bringing your personal style. This is a perfect solution for those ladies who appreciate practicalness, elegance and are in need of bespoke or made to measure tailoring. In this, it is worth mentioning we constantly work on new collections that we instantly update and feed our online shop with. These carefully made and unique styzations can be yours with one click. If you aren't sure what suits your silhouette best we can help you to choose the perfect styling.

For fashion tips and to make a one to one session with our stylist call us on +48 33 8795913

Ladies' bespoke tailoring by De Marco 

In Poland, the most important family celebration is a wedding. Commonly it is followed by the wedding reception where all family gathers together. For this occasion we offer dresses for all ages, little girls, young ladies, dresses for a mother of a bride and a groom, dresses for grandmas, godmothers, bridesmaids, aunts and all the ladies who want to attend this beautiful celebration. The offered dresses come in a whole range of patterns and cuts and you can easily choose your favourite colour. We have a wide choice of light tones as well as saturated colours, which allow you to match the colour of the outfit to your individual look perfectly.  We also have a wide selection of dark colours for those ladies who are lovers of inky shades. In addition our dresses come in all sorts of styles and types. We make dresses of different lenghts, mini, midi, knee-lenght, retro, ankle-lenght and longer. In this range you can find sleeves dresses, short sleeves, elbow-lenght sleeve, 3/4, long, very long or any according to your needs. With us you can design or choose different cuts, pencil dresses, fitted, cut at the waist, flared, pleated and many others.

We offer dresses made of raw materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, viscose, elanobaw, polyamide, lycra, polyester and various mixtures of listed fibres.The large selection of fabric types we have in stock, allows you to choose the most appropriate one to match it to the cut, occasion and a season. We have dresses made of lace, guipiur, tulle, chiffons, taffeta, jacquards, knitwear, acrylical, satin, smooth and structured. Different types dresses are designed for different seasons, spring, summer, autumn, winter and more versatile all year-round dresses.

We have a large selection of jackets to wear with a dress. You can choose from short to long jackets. Jackets most often occur with long sleeves, to the elbow, 3/4 or 7/8. Different types of cuts, allow you to adjust the jacket to the dress. There are jackets with a round neck line, with a collar,  with a stand-up collar, with a large notch. They have decorative fasteners, hook-and-eye fasteners, buttons or zipps. All jackets are lined.

Many jackets are versatile and are perfect for many occasions. You can wear them with a skirt, with trousers or with a business dress. Business and occasional costumes. We offer exclusive handcuffs and sets. Dresses with a jacket create beautiful commemorative and diplomatic sets. Rich in form and cut, they are also ideal for family celebrations and public appearances. 

Most work outfits come in muted colours and have a classic cut. Popular colours of professional sets include pomegranate, black, graphite and ash. It blends perfectly with a white or light shirt blouse. You can juxta graph such costumes with a top or a light sleeveless blouse. Please note, however, that we cannot remove the jacket during speeches or business meetings.

An important product group you can find with us is the selection of coats. Here, too, we have a lot of choice and many unique ideas for our clients. Coats in sets with dresses are an ideal styling during diplomatic visits, business meetings and public appearances. Sets made of fabrics with a richer structure, are designed for weddings, communion, christenings and other family celebrations.