Najmodniejsze garnitury damskie szyte na miarę. Eleganckie stylizacje, inspiracje, zdjęcia De Marco eleganckie ubrania do pracy i na imprezę firmową.

How to dress for a corporate event? The most fashionable jackets for women

The most fashionable jackets for women. The most fashionable women’s blazers

How to dress stylishly for a corporate event?

A corporate event always brings with it the question of what to actually wear in order to stand out with elegance while remaining yourself. De Marco, known for its exceptional women’s creations, has the answer. Introducing original women’s blazers from designer Wladyslawa Frączek that are perfect for all kinds of events.

The most fashionable jackets for women

A corporate event is the perfect opportunity to show off your fashion taste and unique style. Women’s blazers from De Marco are synonymous with class and elegance. Our models suit both formal business meetings and less formal events.

Jak ubrać się na imprezę firmową, Casualowe marynarki damskie do spodni

Styling colours for a corporate event – photos for inspiration

If you are expecting a more formal corporate event, opt for muted colours such as soft beiges or elegant black. If you want to accentuate your work energy and enthusiasm, we recommend colours that are intense and strong. Our women’s blazers come in a variety of shades, allowing you to choose the one that best reflects your personality and style.

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A stylish blazer for an informal event

Whether it’s a meeting with friends after work or a more casual party, a women’s jacket from De Marco will add charm to your styling. Our designs by Władysława Frączek stand out not only for their elegance, but also for their originality. They go well with both classic business trousers, dresses and skirts.

Unique lines and cuts

De Marco women’s blazers are not only elegant, but also unique thanks to their interesting lines and cuts. Look out for perfectly detailed collars, fastening lines that slim and elongate the silhouette, and crisp shoulder lines that accentuate your figure.

Ekskluzywne unikatowe marynarki od polskiej projektantki z De Marco

An unusual look with a black blazer

One of our most original designs is the black “Karla” jacket with a fancy jewellery fastening. The long sleeves in tulle and stylish eco leather straps add a unique touch to any look.

Fashionable Polish jackets for women from De Marco

Fashionable blazers for women INTERNET SHOP .

De Marco offers different types of blazers to suit the nature of the event. Whatever the occasion, a women’s blazer from De Marco is always a confident choice. Check it out for yourself and let yourself be enchanted by the elegance and originality of our designs. Choose De Marco and always shine at your corporate event!


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