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How to dress for a wedding in December and January? Exclusive styles for mum’s weddings

How to dress for a wedding in December and January?

Exclusive Styles for Mom Weddings in December and January

Winter wedding celebrations are a special time, saturated with festive magic and a carnival atmosphere. Decorated shop windows, towns illuminated with twinkling lights and houses full of festive decorations all create a unique, joyful atmosphere.

It is becoming increasingly exciting and fashionable to hold weddings during this very period. It’s a neat way of combining two joyous occasions, Christmas or New Year’s Eve glitz with a wedding, creating one big, shared celebration with close family and friends.

How to dress for a wedding in December and January

When we think of attire for these festive and carnival celebrations, we imagine sumptuous creations that sparkle with sequins or are embellished with Swarovski stones. In rich colours teeming with intense hues of bordeaux, green, sapphire, navy blue, graphite and gold and silver.

From the mother of the bride or the groom, we expect stunning styling. Let’s remember that as parents at your own child’s wedding, you play an important role and welcome guests to this significant celebration. For this reason, the dress, during the first part of the ceremony, from the blessing until the evening, should be formal with a formal character. Elegant styling with sleeves, well if it covers the elbow. Sleeves made of chiffon, silk, lace or organza are welcome in the dress.

What to wear on top of a dress?

It is also worth noting that when it comes to styling, it is important that your coat is consistent with the rest of your outfit. Greet guests elegantly by often staying in your coat. The choice between a short or long coat depends on the consistency with the dress. Consistency in your outfit choice is desirable.

Fur coats are also a great idea. They look great on both coats and dresses. These fur etouches are the perfect complement to an evening gown and certainly add elegance to any outfit.

Exclusive dresses for the mother of the bride or groom for a winter wedding.

De Marco online store with exclusive dresses for mum weddings.

Here are some suggestions for dresses, coats and frocks for weddings held in December and January. Our creations are designed and tailored to slim the silhouette and enhance individual beauty. Our mission is to make the lady look special during this magical period.


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