Ekskluzywne sukienki, garsonki i kostiumy damskie szyte na miarę u projektantki z Małopolski Władysławy Frączek właścicielki marki De Marco.

Exclusive tailored dresses, suits and costumes for women online De Marco Polish fashion brand

Tailor-made exclusive dresses, suits and costumes for women De Marco online shop .

Luxury fashion brand De Marco with exclusive tailor-made dresses, suits and costumes for women, offering elegance and prestige for ladies of all ages, but especially for elegant women 40+ 50+, 60+, 70+…

Exclusive tailor-made dresses, suits and costumes for women

Polish luxury dresses for weddings, New Year’s Eve, carnivals or visits are true works of art. Made from exquisite jacquard fabric in shades of white gold and silver, these creations exude elegance and glamour. Carefully selected materials and bespoke tailoring guarantee a perfect fit and comfort – so important for those special events.

Our collections are especially dedicated to ladies of mature age, 50+60+. We have created creations that accentuate the beauty of the figure while remaining dignified and compliant with the dress code. Our De Marco jacquard formal outfits and formal dresses are ideal choices for the elegant Mom of the wedding for her son or daughter’s wedding. It’s great styling for anniversaries, anniversaries, the opening of a company branch or new premises. Special moments in life call for a special celebration. Celebrating these successes is a wonderful anchor in a person’s life and every success should be enjoyed and lived with dignity in the here and now without putting off the joy for later, as it may be too late.

De Marco’s tailor-made women’s dresses, suits and costumes

Our dresses and costumes are feminine and classy styles. The styles are extremely elegant and perfectly shape the silhouette, emphasising the feminine curves and concealing any figure imperfections. Cocktail dresses and classic suits will enchant you with their phenomenon, prestige and sophisticated elegance.

Our creations are made of good quality fabrics, comfortable and provide comfort.

Enjoy not only a unique look but also comfort throughout the ceremony.

Our dresses and costumes in shades of silver and white gold exude a unique glamour and prestige. At such a special event, you deserve the best, and we deliver. The brilliance of silver and white gold will illuminate the complexion, making it visibly relaxed and rejuvenated.

De Marco dresses, modern suits, costumes and tailor-made suits for women. To look and feel special on this special day, you need to consciously emphasise the qualities of your figure and mask the imperfections. In addition, the outfit must be in keeping with your character, so that you feel dressed up, not dressed down. Our priority is to fulfil these very tasks in a wonderfully relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We greet you and wish you a wonderful day. :)


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